From land acquisition to project completion, MJM Group is recognized as a cutting-edge organization. We crafted a niche in the commercial real estate development industry that sets us apart from the rest. Rather than strive to build quantity or follow the trend of how it’s always been done, we focus on developing what we love—opportunities to show our innovative creativity, tackling groundbreaking projects, and bringing excellence to everything we develop. Erected with our trusted partnerships as strong pillars, we display our expertise in the commercial real estate industry.

Where we started...

After a successful and highly acclaimed career in the commercial lending industry, Co-Founders Anuj Mittal and Vinita Mittal delved into the next challenge–entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. With passion, a dream, and business savvy, they conducted 11 months of extensive research and exploration traveling to Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Daily they spent time with various levels of hospitality employees asking questions, even counting cars in parking lots to evaluate occupancy, and investigated what worked, what didn’t, and what was most important in the industry.

In November of 2004, MJM Group utilized all their research and purchased a 135-room Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, began operations immediately to address areas of improvement, and hand pick the new team. Simultaneously, they embarked on a 16-month hands-on renovation project one section at a time to bring the hotel to the excellence they desired. By March of 2006, after creating different kinds of suites and hotel offerings, the hotel was converted to a 115-room Quality Inn & Suites by Choice Hotels.

How we progressed…

MJM Group then embarked on the next phase of research to engross them further in the hospitality industry, traveling to 20 states in the Southeast and Midwest Regions to learn about the best way to create value.They identified the top five elements to create value and grow and ventured into the next hotel development. After overcoming extensive zoning and building obstacles, MJM built a 109-room Courtyard by Marriott hotel at the Triangle Town Center Mall in Raleigh, NC. This hotel won the Marriott Platinum Award for 2011 and the Diamond Circle Award for 2012. Our development plans and opportunities only continue as our excellence and growth continue.