Mission & Core Values

At MJM Group, our mission is to build a trusted foundation to convert challenges into unique value-added opportunities by working with the best to create success for all. Some in our industry see roadblocks, but we see opportunities. Some seek simple repeat project prospects, but we seek opportunities to show our creativity. Some see titles, but we see individuals. We create excellence … one opportunity at a time.

How do we do this?

Trusted Partners We surround ourselves with long standing relationships that become our strong pillars on every project. Our team of trusted partners consists of companies who share the same values and ethics we hold dearly. These strong relationships allow us to work collaboratively and effectively to create out-of-the box solutions for our ground breaking projects. Whether in-house or with our trusted partners, this model cultivates an environment where people are inspired to be the best in the industry and let their strengths shine.

High Standard

High Standard We have built a strong reputation within our industry that showcases our creativity and innovative approach to projects. We only work with the best to create the best. This investment is our personal high standard for excellence from the very first day we embark on land acquisition. From the extensive hands-on research that started MJM, we understand what the guest expectations are and we seek to meet and exceed them every time.

Expert Analysis by MJM

Expert Analysis We obtain expert analysis at every turn insuring we invest in the best development projects, secure the top brands, and identify the highest growth markets–all set in prime locations. We don’t cut corners but pay attention to every detail.

Added Value by MJM

Added Value We create value and make a difference in whatever we engage. We expend much time and resources at the beginning of each project with just raw land seeking the best use and value for the project. We brainstorm a multitude of options, wade through market studies and research, just to find the perfect fit that will yield long term viability and success to our company and its investors. We create value-added opportunities that will reap returns with unlimited growth not just today – but forever.