MJM Team

Vinita J. Mittal

MJM Group Family of Companies

Vinita’s leadership experience, passion to fortify relationships, and strong interpersonal expertise is the undercurrent of what makes the MJM Group family of companies the success of what it is today. The personal touch Vinita brings to our company is undeniable as she places a high value on our business affiliations and works diligently to solidify the bond between our company and our partners. Her ambitious drive to plan and strategize extends beyond our company into ensuring we create a positive contribution to the communities we develop.

Anuj N. Mittal

Group CEO & President
MJM Group

Anuj spent 12 years building a successful career with major financial institutions in commercial lending conducting transactions up to $100 million and as the key account manager for a single account with market capitalization of over $1 billion. His unrelenting dedication and pioneering approach to projects sets the strategic direction for MJM Group and is what sets us apart from other real estate developers. For each project, he spends countless hours in research and development working with a team of professionals strategically identifying the most profitable opportunities, aligning our goals and objectives while minimizing risk. . Always a forward thinker, Anuj focuses on developing our 5-year pipeline of exciting projects leading our company with exceptional vision into cutting edge developments. Daily he ensures that every decision, every dollar spent, every moment devoted to a project, will yield a profitable return for all—from guest to investor.